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            Heavenly healing a spiritual and holistic business movement. It is a movement of change. This movement involves changing the lives and ideas of living in this world from the old ways of living to the real way life ought to be lived with a more holistic mind frame. This way of thinking helps one not to look outside of themselves for their salvation, healing or even certain degrees of help. Heavenly Healing is a movement of knowing how to heal your life; not just by talking about it, but by actively putting the knowledge into practice everyday you wake up until you go to sleep at night. This movement is here to teach the world that all knowledge, all healing and all help comes from within the dome of your head of which you are king or queen of. All you must do is tap into it and believe in yourself enough to know that you can do the work. Then, once your knowing has been achieved, you can then begin to be the work.

            Natural healing has been around for eons. It has been around one hundred years or so that the pharmaceuticals have been around replacing natural medicine with their chemicals. Now, they are calling what is nature an alternative and they are promoting their poisons into the minds of the people. They have also declared it illegal to heal or to cure anyone; even to say that some herb or modality can heal will get you in trouble. Well I am an advocate to this movement and cause. Of self-healing because I know the power that it holds, and it is time for others to experience it. Once we, the people, rise and learn to take care of ourselves holistically and spiritually, then the power that be will always keep us in their web of chemicals and drugs. I know that I am speaking on a touchy subject, however, I feel that many have been fooled to believe that if they do not take these, un-natural poisons (medicines), then they will have severe adverse effects. I am a witness that, understanding nature, you can ween yourself off of their poisons and use and utilize nature, your mind and your thought process to heal yourself.

            I have witnessed my mother taking a great product called Noni Juice and it successfully brought her blood down. For two years she had no blood pressure issues and therefore she did not take any of her meds. When she went into the doctors for her checkup, the doctor seen the results of her blood pressure and was impressed. However, my mother made the mistake in telling the doctor that it wasn’t the pills that was giving her the great results but the Noni Juice. Her doctor became very upset with my mother and literally began to instill fear in her saying that she could have a stroke, heart attack, and all kinds of detriments. The end result, she started back on the high blood pressure pills and yes, the doctor received a check for that prescription.

           What am I saying? This country thrives on fear and sickness. It is the fear of the unknown that make people do what they do sometimes. When you hear things like: “If you don’t do…” or “If you do this or that…” our minds begin to get fearful because we begin to wonder “What if?” Many people know the truth but are afraid to talk about it and bring it to the fore front. If it is not brought out and taught, then many will continue to fall into this fear concept and will be willing to do what they are told by the powers that be.

            This Heavenly Healing movement is here to bring forth enlightenment to those that may find themselves or family and friends in this situation. To those that are wanting to have a better life, a (W)holistic life, a life where you are in control of your health, thoughts, and even your beliefs; then Heavenly Healing can offer it to you. It is up to you, the receiver, to take in the gift and use it to your best ability and see the results from it. Heavenly Healing is the means of transportation for your spiritual, (W)holistic journey.

For classes on how to heal your life call: 910-600-4419 and take life back into your hands.


Reiki Treatment


Services We Have To Offer


We offer Massage Therapy and Reiki sessions. Call now to get yourself realigned with great health and energy.


Enjoy Journeying Through Our Site And Learning About All We Have to Offer.


Handmade Soaps

"Shop Heavenly Essentials is a natural online store, offering Ezekiel's Product which are organic healing products such as handmade soaps, essential oils, body oils, incense, and herbal beverage blends. We strive to make you feel your very best!"

Hello Internet friends and family. My name is Ezekiel Nelson and I am the C.E.O. of Shop Healing Essential Website. This is my introduction to you, the public, of the beginning of Heavenly Healing and Ezekiel's Product and what we have to offer with our services and our products. I am also introducing "We're Going Nutz" Donuts which is our newest extension. One of the main services we have to offer is Massage and Reiki therapy. However, we specialize in our products which are all natural and made to be healing and soothing to the skin. Some may ask what makes my products better than others. I will not say that my products are better than others. I will say that my products provides an answer to the needs of the people who have specific ailments. These products are made with the top of the line ingredients that are skillfully measured to give the proper relief for the individuals using them. Many of the products that are in the stores are strictly cosmetic having absolutely no healing benefit at all. Ezekiel's Products benefits the body as well as allows one to feel rejuvenated on all levels.

Are my products better than anyone else’s? I will say that they have qualities in them that other cosmetic and even some homeopathic medicines do not have.


Need to contact us about something? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Send an email or call the office from 9am - 6:30pm Mon - Fri. at 910-600-4419

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