The Services That Heavenly Healing Massage & Reiki Services Has To Offer Are Incredible!

Heavenly Healing Massage and Reiki Services are very therapeutic and healing for the body. Full body massages are given to help relieve the pain that one is suffering from. The massages consist of different modalities so the client can experience pain relief and a sensation of healing after they have been given a full body massage. These modalities include Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage and even Aroma Therapy full body Massage. These Modalities leaves the client feeling great, healed and relaxed.

The Product  That Are At Heavenly Healing Massage & Reiki Services Really Are Natural And Great For Your Body And Health.

Heavenly Healing Massage and Reiki Services has products that will blow you away. These products includes items such as handmade soaps, body oils, essential oils, organic herbs, and divine coffee blends and a fabulous cream for healing and alleviating pain. These products are all natural and healing for the body and even the mind in some cases.

The Product  That Are At Heavenly Healing Massage & Reiki Services Really Are Natural And Great For Your Body And Health.

I love the SHE products created by Ezekiel!!! I am using the "Devoted" fragrance Body Butter and the experience has been amazing! It feels great on my skin and the scent is so beautiful, and the best part of all, it is all natural, with essential oils that makes me feel good in using the product. Heavenly Healing put positive energies and love in their products and it definitely shows. I use their Body Butter in  conjunction with their Oatmeal Body Bar. It makes my skin glow and feel clean and soft. Heavenly Healing's SHE products should definitely be a staple in everyone's Body Care regimen, they will keep you coming back for more. Thank you Heavenly Healing for being passionate at what you do, you are the best!!!


Aubrey R.

Best Hot Stone Massage Of My Life!!

Testimonial: Ezekiel Nelson is the best massage therapist in town! He uses his knowledge of holistic healing to help you feel your best! I've never experienced a better massage than his Hot Stone Massage Therapy!! He is truly the best in his field! You'll find him to be very effective and very professional! I've recommended him to all of my family and friends, neighbors and coworkers! Give him a call today!! You deserve to do this for yourself! Today! Feel Better Through Hot Stone Massage Therapy!! ___Karen


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