These soaps are blended with Goat milk Glycerin, African Black soap, organic Shea butter and Palm oil. They are made specifically for the use of the face and body. Having essential oils to give a breath taking aroma, these soap will clean your body leaving you feeling fresh, clean and moisturized. Along with having a cosmetic line of soaps, S.H.E. has developed a spiritual line of soap as well. These soaps gives therapeutic energy to those who use it or has a need for a specific type of connection with the higher realms. Colors of soap will vary from the picture shown.

Spiritual Soap: consist of soap that will tap into the spiritual realm of your being. This realm includes the ancestral, divinity, and even your governing angel. These soaps are made with divinely chosen herbs that will connect with your spiritual realm and help you on the path that you are on.

S.H.E.'s Cosmetic soap are great for general use with some energetic purposes. For instance: Grounding soap is a soap that works with the  root Chakra. It is made with Goat Milk,  Shea butter, Palm oil and African black soap.  It is also infused with Vitamin E.,  Grounding  soap is great for the face and body leaving your skin moisturized  and feeling clean and healthy.

Below you will find the different line of soaps that we offer and their purpose.

Ancestral Soaps

These hold the energies of the ancestors. These include ancient as well as those that have never been to this realm of reality. Their purpose is to help bring out the essence of the user’s ancestors for guidance, healing and reconnection of self. These are soaps that are primarily for facial use. They help with common skin problems such as dry skin and acne.

Cosmetic SHE Soaps

These soaps doesn’t have any medicinal properties or capabilities. They are great moisturizers and lather filled. They smell great and are refreshing for the body, leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized.


Chakra Soaps

These soaps help the energies of the Chakra Centers within the human body. These are attuned with the energy to help raise them up within the individual wherein whom they dwell. These soaps are made with organically grown herbs that are blended to help skin ailments such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin and Acne. Some of the soaps will help blood circulation and ease mild joint pain.

S.H.E. therapeutic product line is made to assist in the healing of emotional, energetic and physical ailments. These products consist of Blended Essential oils, herbal soaps and Shea Butter with blended Essential oils within them. These products has organic herbs and herbal oils for the best results. Check out our list of options and then give them a try and experience healing on a whole new level.

Therapeutic soaps: are made with the finest and purest essential oils. Not only does these soaps make you smell great, but having a specific blend of the oil in the soap has a positive effect on the mental state of the user. Also, being absorbed into the body, the oils in the soap can possibly help minor ailment such as sinus congestion, colds and headaches etc.

Medicinal Soaps: are made with selected medicinal herbs that are used to treat a variety of skin issues such as dry skin, clammy skin, Eczema, psoriasis, oily skin, acne, blemishing, rashes and scars etc. with the assistance of the natural ingredients, it boost the healing properties of the medicinal causing it to be more effective:

Dermatrol Soap

Dermatrol is a herbal soap that is made specifically for Eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, and rashes. It is made with specialized measured herbs and essential oils to stop itching and burning sensations and to give your skin the results you are  looking for

Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial Soap

Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial Soap is like hand-sanitizer in a bar. made with real 100% Tea Tree oil and Peppermint Oil to help kill possible bacteria and viral contamination that you may come into contact with, and helps keep your severely dry skin moisterized from the constant washing of hands. Blended other essential Oils, it will enhance you skin texture with moisture without giving it a dry look.

Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal Soap is made with real oatmeal to help with itching and severely dry skin. Infused with Aloe Vera and other essential Oils, it will balance you skin texture with moisture without giving it a dry look.

Afrikan Black Soap

Afrikan Black Soap is made with a variety of natural ingredients. It is a great product when it comes to having dry skin, acne, and razor bumps. It lathers excellently and leaves you feeling great.



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