These Oils are blended and made specifically for the user's discretion. Along with having a cosmetic line of Body Oils, S.H.E. has developed a spiritual line of Body Oils as well. These Oils are used for multiple reasons giving energy to those who use it or has a need for a specific type of connection with the higher realms.

Spiritual Oils consist of a mixture of essential and fragranced oils that has been blessed by a high priest to accomplish the task it was blended for. These oils helps on a spiritual level of an individual allowing for them to raise up their energy level, open their chakras and tune in to their vibration. These spiritual oils help one to tap into their higher self to seek guidance in life’s situations. They are specially blended for general needs and for unique individual needs.

Therapeutic Oils are 100% natural essential oils that are either blended for your specific needs or you can obtain a singular oil for whatever purpose you want. These oils helps on a mind and body level. They help with relaxation, concentration, sickness and bodily ailments such as headaches, congestion and more. Some of these essential oils are used to give therapy to clients that are losing their hair or needs to revitalize their skin and beauty.

Cosmetic Oils are fragranced body oil that are used to give you, the wearer, a clean and attractive smelling scent. With a variety of popular names to choose from, you can begin to build your collection of body oil. The benefit of using oil verse using cologne is that oil, that has not been cut, will stick with you longer than most colognes and you won’t have to worry about your skin being irritated because it is completely oil based. Unless you have a sensitivity to certain types of oil compounds, you will not have to worry about any breakouts or irritation.

These cosmetic oils are used to wear as a perfume/colongue.  There are over 700 choices that you can choose from. There are also blends for your own personal aroma.

Prices may vary according to the type of oil. Just like the soaps,.

Below you will find the different line of Oils that we offer and their purpose.

Orisha Oils

These oils work with the orisha that dwells within the user. These oils help with psyche of the individual who wears it. It affects them in manners of decision making, having a peaceful mindset, and coping with life’s changes, controlling emotion and much more. To wear these oils is to manifest that particular energy within you to help deal with whatever you are experiencing in your life.

Celestial Oils

These oils reaches back to the spirit realm of the user, helping them to live in the reality that they came to this earth as. There are different type of Celestials.

There are the Seraphim, Cherubs, and many more. Even those that have not been heard of by human ears. When they came to the earth, they came with a purpose and these oils will help one to walk and live that purpose consciously aware.

Cosmetic Oils

Cosmetic oils are the oils that you wear to satisfy self-pleasure. They are the name brand oils that you know about and are very popular with the masses.

Divinity Oils

These oils, like the Orisha and Ancestral, helps to raise one up to a divine level of thinking. Where many people in this day and time have animalistic way of thinking, meaning they thrive off of fleshly desires, basic survival and indulging in self satisfying pleasure. These oils will help to raise ones level of thinking and will bring out the attributes of the God within the individual so they can handle situations in a Godly and upright way.

Ancestial Oils

These oils are blessed by the ancestors to be able to enable the one who wears it to be able to open up to their ancestors to be guided and enlightened.



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