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S.H.E.'s herbal products include Herbal healing teas, Herbal coffee blends (Divine Coffee Blend), Herbal breads (Divinity Bread), Essential oils and homeopathic blends and Herbal incense.

The purpose of these products are to give the user a total natural experience. Have a soothing cup of herbal tea after dinner to help digest your food. Have a healthy cup of herbal coffee to get your day started with the true nutrients needed. Burn natural incense to bless your day with positivity and last but not least experience healing on a homeopathic level using nature's medicine instead of allopathic meds.

You can order this herbs by the ounce, or half ounce. Live the way we were intended to live, a happy, healthy and holistic life.

Divine Coffee Blends

The blends that help you raise your divinity

Try our Divine Coffee Blends. An herbal Coffee that is specially blended to suit your bodies needs and not only taste great but is highly beneficial for your health. They are made with organic coffee beans and other organic and natural ingredients. Divine Coffee Blends are designed to help you as the consumer raise your divinity within your life and be the best that you can be. We have four staple blends; They are as follows:

Obatala Blend: This blend is great for relaxing your nerves and curving your appetite. If taken with French vanilla creamer, it is to die for.

Elegba Blend: This blend is designed to help the consumer with making appropriate decisions and to be more fluent in communications with others. It has the ability to give healthy energy and to stimulate your appetite when you don't have one.


Oya Coffee Blend: This blend is great for helping people deal with the winds of change. Life may throw us a curve ball sometimes that may be hard to deal with, Oya Blend will help keep you settled and level headed without the anxiety or worry.

Comfort Coffee Blend: This blend is especially blended to help the consumer with pain issues. Yes. This coffee is a pain relieving coffee that will give you comfort and will help you sleep when you need to rest.



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