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Now offering Mobile Massages: We offer full body massages ranging from 30min-120min. We specialize in a variety of massage methods such as Swedish massage, Sports massage and Therapeutic massage. Within these methods we offer a variety of therapies such as trigger pt. therapy, Deep muscle therapy, and aromatherapy. We also offer sugar and salt foot scrubs with or without essential oil. Having these massages allows your body to heal, restore and become revitalized because they open up your blood vessels for better circulation allowing oxygenated blood to flow easier to the brain and throughout the body. There are many benefits to massage. We at heavenly healing encourage you to treat yourself to the experience of wellness in the comfort of your home without having to get back out into the world of stress after a great session. Our services include Heavenly Healing Services which entails Massage Therapy, which is performed by a ready staff of massage therapist willing to do their best to make you feel invigorating or relaxed whichever you prefer. We all know massage can begin your day on a positive note or end it on a relaxing peaceful one. It can stimulate you and help relieve your pain and discomfort. If you are feeling that you want to experience excellent body work, feel free to make your appointment now. Customer service

is available and eager to assist your needs.


REIKI: Needing balance? Are you needing to have your energy centers as well as your overall energy cleansed? Feel and experience the energy of divinities flow into your body as they work to heal your issues. Heavenly Healing is one of the few companies that has incorporated Reiki with massage in the same place. With reiki you can learn things about yourself that you never knew existed.  Though it sounds incredible, it takes experiencing it to realize just how credible it is. Gain an understanding of why situations in your life keep happening over and over. Learn how to combat vicious cycles in your life by knowing where it all stems from. Through the tool of Reiki and the power of the universal energy you can gain these experiences and so much more.


Service Pricing

60min. Massage       $95.00

90min. Massage       $125.00

30min. Reiki Session $60.00

75min. Reiki Session $105.00

Classes offered include:

Reiki 1,2,3 & Master (24hr class) $799.00

Basics of Nutrition and its medicinal benefits (5hr class) $249.00
African & Haitian Spirituality

Prices Vary According to Certificate Desired

Power of Herbs and how to use them. (5hr class) $349.00

Heavenly Healing Reiki School 9 month Certified Course $4999.00

All classes will be hands on and participative. Food will be provided.

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