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Shop Heavenly Essentials soap are all made with the finest ingredients. These Ingredients include Goat milk, African Black Soap, Palm Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Essentilal Oils for a vibrant and theraputic aroma.

Natural Cosmetic Soap

SKU: SP001
  • Spiritual Soap consist of soap that will tap into the spiritual realm of your being. This realm includes the ancestral, divinity, and even your governing angel. These soaps are made with divinely chosen herbs that will connect with your spiritual realm and help you on the path that you are on.

    Therapeutic soaps are made with the finest and purest essential oils. Not only does these soaps make you smell great, but having a specific blend of the oil in the soap has a positive effect on the mental state of the user. Also, being absorbed into the body, the oils in the soap can possibly help minor ailment such as sinus congestion, colds and headaches etc.

    Medicinal Soaps are made with selected medicinal herbs that are used to treat a variety of skin issues such as dry skin, clammy skin, Eczema, psoriasis, oily skin, acne, blemishing, rashes and scars etc. with the assistance of the natural ingredients, it boost the healing properties of the medicinal causing it to be more effective: for Instance:

    Grounding soap is a soap that works with the  root shakra. It is made with Goat Milk,  Shea butter, Palm oil and African black soap.  It is also infused with Vitamin E.,  Grounding  soap is great for the face and body leaving your skin moisturized  and feeling clean and healthy.

  • Our services include: Heavenly Healing Services which entails Massage Therapy, which is performed by a ready staff of massage therapist willing to do their best to make you feel invigorating or relaxed whatever you prefer. We all know massage can begin your day on a positive note or end it on a relaxing peaceful one. It can stimulate you and help relieve your pain and discomfort. If you are feeling that you want to experience excellent body work, feel free to make your appointment now. Customer service is available and eager to assist your needs.

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